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The 7th-generation Surface Pro, released in October 2019. Available in platinum and black. Model number: 1866.

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Display ribbon cable coming not attached to the screen? How to fix?

I'm going through a repair of a surface 7, have followed the instructions provided through iFixit, and am using the kit that comes along with it and the screen replacement. But I'm going to reattach the new screen and there is a ribbon cable that is not attached to the traces on the new screen as it should be according to the old screen and how it is set up... How am I supposed to attach this to the traces? Do I need special equipment? is this a soldering job? I'm lost and need some help.

This is the old screen display ribbon cables

Block Image

This is the new one and how it came to us in the box

Block Image

It's supposed to fit like this but im not sure how it is supposed to stay like this

Block Image

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Julia Keyser there really is no easy way for you to attach the ribbon cable. Some of those are bonded on while others can be soldered on but it will require the right tools to line the ribbon cable up properly. The pitch is so fine that this is extremely difficult. Soldering may not work for it due to the pitch either. You may be running risk of creating solder bridge and at minimum you would need a T-soldering iron tip. There is another process called ACF (check this video which would be the proper way. I'd ask for a return on the LCD


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Hi Julia Keyser,

That cable is torn right off its solder points, and shouldn't be loose.
Did it fall out of the box when you opened it (as in "2 parts in the box")? It looks like it ripped off and took the solder points with it :(

I haven't worked on the 7, but the cable should be on the display assembly and not off.

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The ribbon fell out of the box unattached from the screen when I opened the box after receiving the shipment.


@Julia Keyser Well then I would definitely suggest you contact customer service of where you purchased it. That is a faulty assembly


Thank you @geirandersen , huge help :)

@Julia Keyser, I'll be reaching out via email to help get you some support for the faulty screen.


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