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This model has two versions, one with a 3k 60Hz 40 pin display and one with a 1080p 120Hz 30 pin display. Features: NVIDIA GTX 1070 GDDR5 8GB, 6th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 Overclocked Processor, 120 Hz & 5ms Fastest Gaming Display (optional), 3K WQHD+ (2880x1620) IPS Display (optional), M.2 PCIe Gen3x4: 2000MB/s, DDR4: 2400MHz up to 64GB

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Aorus laptop hinge cover broke

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Basically, earlier this week one of the hinge covers connecting my front and back plate on my computer broke and now it cant close with out the front plate bending! Pls help me fix this, I need to fold this computer to pack for a trip soon. Btw, I couldn't find what laptop I have on here and don't know what laptop it is, all I know is it is an aorus with an rtx 2060 and intel i7.

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@electralumen It would be helpful if we could see pictures of damage.

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Also, there should be identifying labels under the laptop.

Snap a photo of the labels and include in the question ;)

Update (06/18/2022)

@electralumen Looks like it's pretty cracked, but nothing too crucial. It's kinda hard to tell, but from the pictures it looks like plastic damage.

We would really need to know the exacts of the laptop, and if you support the screen and the body, and you're being careful, you should be safe to check the underside.

Update (06/18/2022)

@electralumen If it pops into place nicely, without doing any damage, you can use some duct tape or gorilla tape (needs to be strong, but also removable for later) to try and stop it from popping back out

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@geirandersen I have the damage, but I don't wan't flip it because I don't want to worsen the damage


@geirandersen K got the bottom for you, I hope you don't need the barcode... the heat from this this kinda...


@electralumen Yeah, it's an Aorus RC47. There are parts online, but dang... the ones I found are pretty expensive!

You'd be looking at taking the screen totally off the computer and replacing the bezels and possibly the frame as well. If you've done laptop disassembly before, it's not all that hard, but if it's your first time, then take extra care to be cautious!


@geirandersen any solutions that can be done before tomorrow?


@electralumen That depends on how "brave" you are :P

If you (VERY CAREFULLY) try to close it, millimeter by millimeter, all the while checking and taking care; It might close up for you, but then you'd have issues again when it's time to open it back up.


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