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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2485.

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How strong is the MacBook Pro touchpad?

Dear friends I would like to ask about the strength of macbook pro 2021 trackpad...

As I noticed in the video below, the glass layer on the top and the sensor layer (black) of the magic trackpad2 are attached each other with a special capasitive glue/adhesive. Is this technique same on all touchpads in macbook pros including 2021 models?

If a person press the finger with pressure and moves the finger horizontaly (ex:left to right), is it possible to seperate or damage these layers and effect the sensitivity of sensor layer?

Thanks for replies.

Kind regards...

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@emh06 sounds like you are concerned about the shear capacity of glass to metal joints. The way the glass is adhered to the trackpad, it would function as a asymmetric compressive lap joint. There is some really good information about this on here Slightly dry reading. The testing your could do would be something for an adhesive lap joint shear test Ultimately you would need to find a ASTM D1002 test report on this and not sure if that has ever been done.


Thanks for detailed explanation, i absolutely mean the shear capacity @oldturkey03


Thanks Alisha, your reply is very useful for me. At this point may i ask a last question. Does the Apple use same attach technique (adhesive for glass and sensor layer) on all MacBook Pros. I have asked this because as i noticed, every touchpad in teardown videos have different phenotype. But if Apple use adhesives for magic trackpad 2 as seen on video, we can assume the same for MacBook Pro 2021


emraha06 - A desktop touchpad is a very different animal to a laptop touchpad. On the most part its more exposed to things being dropped on it and or having it fall to the floor being pushed aside.

A laptop trackpad is less exposed when the lid is down its protected (but now the display is at risk if the object has enough mass and speed). More often a liquid spill doom's the trackpad and/or the keyboard.

So to equate the two as equals is not fair. The adhesion of the glass surface is really not an issue I have yet to see either a desktop or laptop trackpad come unglued. And of course being careful also matters so it is not smashed!

A persons finger sliding across the surface does not have enough friction to displace the sheer force of the adhesion. Besides it needs space to slide to.

Here a laptop trackpad is captured by a lip so it can't shift so even if you where to adhere a sizable block on the trackpad and then attempted to shift it (slide) with all of your might left-right or up-down it just won't budge!

Now grasping the top edge of that block and tilting it you would likely pull the glass off or distort the frame like using a pull-up tab on a can of beans! But that is not the force direction you would have in use. And you would likely crack the glass as well.


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@emraha06 I understand your concern, but I suspect if it were to be an issue, it would be something that people are drawing attention to.

I am not sure that all of the Touchpads are like this, but I strongly suspect they are. It's a very strong adhesive that is used for this application. I have worked on a lot of MacBooks. Many in use by college students (and not always ones that are kind and gentle with their electronics). I have never seen that sort of damage. In fact, in my experience those trackpads don't fail at all unless there has been some sort of other damage (liquid or drop) or the cable is the issue.

I suppose anything is possible under the right conditions. But I would be much more likely to think the glass itself is going to break from the accompanying downward pressure from a finger swiping along it laterally, long before the glass actually moves.

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Alicia, although the anatomy of touchpads of macbook pros differs according to model and year, can we say the latest macbook pro 2021 touchpad use the same strong adhesive technique in its touchpad as well?


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The trackpad would only break if something super heavy presses on it. I don't think you need to worry unless the person in question is Hulk.

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i have to highlight that i do not mean the stress of vertical force on glass layer, i especially mean the horizontal force which effects the bound between glass layer and sensor layer


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Hopefully this answers your question:

Iv seen lots of trackpads made by apple and iv only ever seen them being damaged by something being dropped onto them

They act just as temperd glass usually does, as long as you don’t deliberately try and break it you should be fine as you would probably have a hard time breaking it with your hands only


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