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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the Steam Deck with LCD display, a handheld gaming console made by Valve, released on February 25, 2022. Identified by model number 1010.

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ZIF connector locking tab broken - Any fixes?

So in an attempt to replace the screen on a damaged deck I somehow managed to knock off the locking tab for the display zif connector on the motherboard. The connector still sits in the socket but the display does not work. I assume the issue here is the missing locking tab causing issues with connection, is there any fix for this or is the motherboard now a paperweight?


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So the short and skinny of it is that there are ways to fix a broken ZIF Connector. However, they're not particularly easy to accomplish. There is a similar question that was posted here that has a solution and gives you some options for repair. My suggestion is replacing the port itself. There is a video guide that shows you how to replace the port here, but it requires micro soldering skills.

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