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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the Steam Deck with LCD display, a handheld gaming console made by Valve, released on February 25, 2022. Identified by model number 1010.

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B button catching and getting stuck on shell

Has anyone come up with a solution to fix this? I thought maybe replacing the buttons might work, but the only part you can buy right now is the button membrane, which doesn't help. The only solutions i've seen currently is to either put a piece of tape in between the button and shell so the button doesn't catch, or to open up the steam deck and sand down the inside of the b button hole so it's nice and smooth. Anyone had any luck with the sanding?

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Here is the link to the teardown if that is the route you want to take:

I haven't done it on the Steam Deck but have for other devices. It is also worth a shot to make sure when putting it back together, that it is lining up properly.


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