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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the Steam Deck with LCD display, a handheld gaming console made by Valve, released on February 25, 2022. Identified by model number 1010.

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Broken jack connector after falling

hello, I am looking for the reference of the jack connector to replace it, can you help me?

FYI all pin of the connector broke after a 20cm fall with the jack plugged in

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I found the reference for the jack connector only if this can help someone else :

id : PJ-203B

brand : WNRE


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Hi there,

as you might have noticed we just made a bunch of Steam Deck parts available in our stores.
We definitely have a guide for this problem (but not that specific spare part, yet). So make sure to check back for more parts that might join the current selection (though I can’t promise anything since I don’t know). Hopefully, you can manage until this part is available.

As I understand it the actual headphone port on that audio board is broken, which means you might try and fix it by soldering as long as the solder joints on the board weren’t damaged.
If it’s "just" the headphone jack itself (TRRS plug from your headphone) that got stuck in the port you might be able to get it out using this nifty tool.

Cheers and game on

Imagem de GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool


GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool


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