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The Dell Inspiron 3135 is an 11.6-inch laptop computer sold as part of the Inspiron line.

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How to fix my Dell Computer

The top lid of my Dell Laptop Inspiron 15 3000 series computer has become slightly disconnected from the bottom at the left hand corner where they are connected . Can you help me to fixt it?

Note your web site did not list my model 3000?


Ron 7143371413

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That notebook is secured by screws and plastic clips. Check to see if the screw on that corner is loose or lost, tighten if loose but take care not to over tighten and potentially strip the plastic or metal thread, press the corner down so it clicks into place first. If it is missing look for a replacement screw online or in your junk drawer, local retailers, etc. DO NOT replace it with a screw that is too long or threaded differently. Take the one from the other corner with you in your search to compare.

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If by lid you mean the screen enclosure then this won't. Quite do it for you, but there are videos showing how to replace the screen. On youtube for your device that will show you how that s put together and how to get at and secure it s fasteners.


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