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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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What type of fuse is F7005 on the PP20V_DCIN rail? Fast-acting?

This fuse needs replacing; from the 820-3787-A schematic I see it should be "6AMP-32V-0.0095OHM" but I'm not sure which type/speed it should be.

Update (05/18/2022)

I measured 20V on the input, about 8.7V on the output of the fuse, using a Magsafe cable directly connected to a bench power supply; no current draw. The computer was still turning on using the remaining battery voltage, only showing the 'please connect charger' image.

Disassembled from the board, it's difficult to measure any resistance of the fuse itself - I think I had a reading in the tens of kiloOhms at one point, usually just "OL". It certainly seems this fuse is blown.

This MBP has been used for years with a non-standard charger; the seller indicated this was the only way to power it. I recently replaced the battery; a few days later it wasn't charging anymore.

My plan now is to first replace this fuse and then see if I can get the onewire circuit working again; I have an OEM Apple 80W charger.

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Why do you think this fuse needs replacing?

Rarely does this fuse blow and only when the MagSafe power connection has exceeded its current limiter (bad Knockoff Charger)

Can you give us deeper details on what happened.


Thanks - my answer to this question (which I later edited) wound up as an update to my original post somehow


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With the information you already have (6AMP-32V-0.0095OHM) you'll need the case size use a caliper to measure your part

Block Image

Then contact your local electronics supplier or Mouser - fuses or steal it from a junker board.

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It is a 0603, that is also mentioned in the schematic - which I forgot to mention here, my bad. I have identified a couple of fuses that meet the specs; I'm not sure whether it needs to be fast-acting, slow-blow or 'high inrush current withstand'.

I have looked at the relevant datasheets to look for a fuse that has close to the 9,5 milliOhm that is specified. These two look compatible in that sense:

F0603HI6000V032TM and MCCFB0603TFF/6


@stevendepeven - Apple doesn't offer that info, I've always taken one from a junker (I think I've replaced maybe three - After someone did something wacky)

Logic tells me you likely want the high inrush version. It would be the safer one to go with.


Thanks! Much appreciated.


Don't forget to score and accept the answer if you're set - Thanks!


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