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Hi, I have a problem with the g635 from logitech, i think the usb plug needs to be replaced in the headphone jack or the usb plug in the cable itself. When it moves, whether it is a light touch or a turn of the head, it starts to make an annoying sound and no longer works, after a while sometimes it stops but the microphone loses its functions just like the LEDs on it. I tested it with a 3.5mm plug and they work perfectly but they don't have all the benefits that the usb plug offers. Sometimes the problem persists and I have to unplug the USB plug and put it back in order for them to work, the problem happens very frequently and has no solution so far.

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As a diagnostic step, try a different usb cable, if the problem's fixed, just replace that. If not then you will have to dig deeper. Is it still under warranty?


The headphones don't even recognize another usb plug apparently, I tried 3 (4 cable in total if u put the original one on count) different cables and only reads the original one. This time it didn't make any deafening sound with the original cable, only that the logitech application didn't read them as soon as I moved the plug, they simply disappeared from the application as if I had disconnected them manually.

Edit: No longer in warranty, i forget to mention that i changed just the USB holder from them and the problem is still persisting. (that little thing from metal that hold the cable in place on the motherboard)


Hmm. Got a friend who has a pair or friendly dealership that might let you try their cable? USB cables as you probably know can vary drastically in capability with no clue by looking at them how. Could be a reluctant seller might let you check on the prospect of a replacement cable customer. If you have a multi meter could perhaps check the cable that way too.


To be honest, the cables I tried are high quality, considering that even the original cable works for example in charging a phone I tend to think that the problem is not here, but on the motherboard of the headphones.


Could very well be true, but first you rule out the simple possibilities they might have made it like ecertain other companies do so that it will only work with their cable, quality is only one variable. LTT have a video explaining somewhat. I'd lean toward damage to the cable itself or plugs/ports because of the stresses placed on them in normal use. I haven't answered your question and the possibility is someone else will have a more useful idea,. I hope so. If its not the cable perhaps you could build a guide for others once you have sorted it out? Yes, tugging on the port might be directly transmitted to the board damaging it. A very common design flaw.


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