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My ps4 controller turns on itself without pressing the ps button

This happened a few days ago, my controller stopped turning on manually when I press the ps button, even when I connect it using a USB to the console it lights orange but when you press the ps button it doesn't turn on. Worst of all it keeps turning on itself then when you log it in to a user it says battery low and it disconnects and after a period of 4 minutes it keeps turning on itself and goes off over and over again, so what could be the problem?

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Hi @tushiya,

I have a list of questions i provide to many people before i finalize the diagnosis:

  • Has this device undergone any major incidents (EG liquid damage)
  • How old is the device
  • What steps have you taken to troubleshoot this
  • Have you opened up the device before

These are all great questions to answer before going any further.

However I can bring up a few possibilities here:

  • Your PS button is not seated properly
  • Your cable is not seated properly
  • The button could be liquid damaged causing a short
  • It may be sticky due to liquid damage

All of the above are likely possibilities however it is very dependent on what had happened at the time this started happening

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Hi @np_f1_2021

No liquid damage, the device is almost a year old and I tried opening the device I also thought it had a problem with the ps button, I made sure I replaced the ps button but still the same problem


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I had the same problem thought cleaning the button and the panel button touches would fix the problem which i did ended up massing my thuchpad ribbon cable but the problem was fixed or so i thought but it just returned back today😭

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