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Repair Guide and Support for Lightning McQueen RC Car toy. 1:24 scale RC car from Dickie Toys. Article number(s): 203089501 for basic Lightning McQueen 203089538 for metallic variant

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The car does No longer link to the remote control.

Our remote can’t be paired with the car anymore. The indication light keeps blincking.

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Check the antenna for any damage or if it's still sodered.


check the battary and battary slot if it working or check if any liquid gone under the bord or anything is rusten


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Replace both batteries for the remote control and the Car. Since the light keeps blinking that indicates that it is waiting for it to connect. This means there is a bad connection. Check the antenna for any damage or if it's still soldered right. This toy car has 3-channels with a RC system (2.4 GHz). You might have to take it apart to address the issue from within

Here is a video that may help:

Block Image

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