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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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My ps4 pro won't boot

my ps4 pro won't turn on, the light bar lights up blue for 1 second then it shuts off instantly no white light or even breathing blue. The Disk drive and fans don't spin. When i try to turn it on for a second time the light bar doesn't light up but the console beeps and it shuts off instantly again

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So from what I can tell the issue might be with the Power Supply Unit, but I want to eliminate any external factors before encouraging you to swap it out. Make sure that there is nothing wrong with the outlet that your device is plugged into, and ensure that the cable connecting your console to the outlet is not damaged.

Once we make sure that the issue is internal, you can use this guide to swap out the PSU.

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