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How can I fix the charging port to iPod nano 7th generation?

Somehow my iPod won’t charge anymore. Just one day it so happened to stop charging. I’ve tried cleaning it. It’s completely dead. I got lots of music on there. I want to see what I can do?

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Have you tried cleaning the charging port with a sewing needle as everyone I have tried to clean a charging port with anything else it never worked

Sadly if there is still nothing you will have to replace the port which requires a full tare down of the device but it’s quite rare for that to happen

Hopefully I answered your question

Give me a shout if you need any more help:)


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I have a similar problem. The charging port seems to be loose. The device will charge if I firmly hold the cable.....I'm just starting to investigate. Seems like I need to explore what a "full tear down" means.


A full teardown means to take the device to its bare parts


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