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Repair information for the Sony Bravia 42" LCD TV. Released in 2012. Model number: KDL42EX440.

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Boot loop after replacing main motherboard and flashing firmware

Hi there,

My Sony bravia kd55xd8005 stopped turning on about 6 months ago.

Last week I decided to start having a poke around to see if I could fix it. From what I read online at the time a lack of status led and screen turning on could have been either the power supply or the main board.

I removed the cable going from the power supply to the main board and the led panel lit up white, again reading online that suggests that it's the main board. So I replaced the main board.

The led indicator started glowing green and orange when I plugged it in and I could hear the original instal music (birds and a waterfall). Great! But no display.

I went back to Google and read flashing the firmware should fix it. So I tried that.

Now the Sony logo comes up the android icons come up and then it restarts. So I Google again, try factory resetting. No luck, reboots after 5s of the big ring coming up.

"Try updating firmware again by renaming file to update_package.api"

So here we are now, the update bar is getting about 1/5 of the way along before the TV restarts again, tries to boot normally, restarts and tries to update again.

Any idea what my next step should be?

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It is possible the f/w you have is not for that TV. BUT normally it is checked and the update rejected if it is wrong.

It is possible the board you have is not exactly the correct one. All numbers must match the old one.

It might be possible there is a wrong connection. Try as I may, I sometimes do that.

It may be possible the "new" board isn't totally functional. That happened to me once or twice.

It may be possible there is another problem.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, the board serial number matches so i don't think its a wrong board. I will see if i can find any other firmware from the sony website and I will have a look to see if any of the connections are loose.

Worst case i will get another board, the one i got did come with a warranty so i will go have another prod haha.


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