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Repair guides for the Surface Book 2 15", The 15 inch version of the hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. This device was released in November 2017.

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Is this a fry mark?

Block Image

Found a Surface Book 2 from the ewaste. I tried plugging in with a type-C charger but it doesn't seem to be drawing any power (charger nor the cable are warming up). Holding down the power button to force restart didn't do anything. I haven't tried a surface connector charger yet, but is that mark on the surface connector an indication that some sort of short might've happened? This seems to be the 1060 dGPU model and it would be a shame for it to be left to the trash

Oh also warranty's already expired so unfortunately I can't Tom Sawyer this thing like I did with my 2015 Macbook Pro's battery

Update (04/12/2022)

So turns out the top seems to work fine after detaching it. I'll look more into why it wouldn't charge through the type C, it's possible that the power delivery circuit might be shared (given that the surface connector can also transfer data, it makes sense for both to possibly share connections). Unfortunately looking at the teardown guide the suface connector-side of the laptop isn't on its own daughterboard, unlike the usb-a connector side, and getting into it also would be really difficult regardless

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Yea. That's probably why it's in the garbage. You could order the part and try to fix it though.

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I wonder what happened to the charger that did it. Unfortunately anything pre-2019 made by Microsoft is incredibly hard to take apart and fix. Hopefully the top part still works


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I think you should be careful connecting something to the equipment since the image shows what could potentially be a short. I also know that the USB-C port can only be used to charge other devices, like a smartphone, but can't be used to charge the laptop itself.

I have bought a cheap Microsoft Surface Book 2 charger clone from Amazon that works just fine.

You also could try to purchase the keyboard part from AliExpress or Amazon, I know there are some replacements around the market.

Or you could also look for a neu keyboard part at e-Bay.

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I'm pretty sure the Surface Book 2's type-C has charging enabled (actually someone wrote a post about it and I was testing with a 100W USB-C charger. I ended up buying a parts surface book 2 with a working bottom, although I kind of regret wasting money on it since I ended up not daily driving the Book 2 :/

But yeah I assume the circuitry between the type-C and the surface connector might be shared, since you can only charge from type-C when the surface connector is not in use (I guess it prioritizes power from there), which would explain why the surface connector frying killed the type-C connector as well


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