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Purchased 02/09/2018 Identified by Model No. BOV650XL/B

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Is this fixable? Or is it destined for the dump?

The Frozen Foods button goes on and off when the unit is plugged in. It also beeps at the same time. The timer on the toaster changes wildly during operation - what is happening?

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Can you disassemble the toaster and upload pictures of the circuit boards inside the toaster? Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


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I do know after looking at reviews that this unit costs a lot of money but unfortunately this one needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned especially the switches, including the control board with electronics cleaner. I believe that somehow the mainboard is either really dirty, water damaged, or just plain bad as it seems it cannot keep it's signals straight! I would try the cleaning of the board 1st but, I also would not unfortunately be surprised if it was truly bad!

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