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Guides on how to fix and or repair common issues on the 1995-2002 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner. The 3rd generation 4Runner is a body-on-frame truck-based SUV with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and solid rear axle with coil springs in the front and rear.

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Why are my rear tires locked all of a sudden?

I'm having the same problem if anyone can answer.. I have a bad wheel barring and the back all of a sudden locked up and you can hear the gears griding when you try and move it.. my mom's boyfriend said I need a new rear end.. is there anything else it could be where I didn't have to buy an entire rear end?

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Sorry this isn't the answer but a comment.

I remember from somewhere that the 4Runner has a senser that will normaly engage the locks if the car is in need of extra traction.

If this is so, you might want to look into fix/replacing the senser unit/controller. But first try ungluging the wires to the RR lock switch as this might be faulty.

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