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Apple's March 2019 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A12 Bionic processor and a 10.5" screen.

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Can you replace the lightning port?

Doesn't charge anymore, used to be able to provide pressure on the cable connector to have it charge but that no longer works. Need to replace the lightning connector.

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Apples internal mantra is reduce discreet parts counts focus on assembly level. Sadly, the engineering team forgot about repair of heavily used buttons and exposed interfaces like the lightning port here.

Apple in their great wisdom bonded the lighting port directly on the logic board so its not something one can easily replace like older iPads. So a simple part we need to swap out the entire logic board needs to be replaced. Thanks Apple for your bonehead move!

Thats not to say some people have the skills and tools to replace the port. Just like doctors, a generalist doesn’t do heart or brain surgery! Time to find a brain surgeon to fix your iPad or just swap out the logic board.

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It's doable.

Low melt solder mixed over the port flex/logic board solder joints. Then hot air/solder iron to melt and gently peel away.

Clean up area, tin the pads, and then solder the new port flex. Plenty of videos showing how it's done on YouTube. But as mentioned, you need the equipment.

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