When turn on it shows the logo and turn off

When turn on it shows the logo and turn off

I noticed that if I heated it somewhat it turn on

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I had the same issue. I placed the surface pro on a heated griddle set to medium heat face down for 3 minutes which initiated thermal power off where when pressing the power button you wouldn't even get the logo to come up, and then after letting it cool down, it powered right up and never had the issue again. I'm guessing thermal power off is same as unplugging the battery and plugging it back in, but without having to disassemble the screen to access the battery. You may need to keep taking the tablet off the griddle and press the power button. Once you see that it won't show the logo, then it's ready to let it cool down and then it will work again. Be careful not to to let it sit too long on the griddle as it may damage the LCD or the battery.


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