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Guides and repair information for the Lenovo Thinkpad T460, a 14-inch business laptop by Lenovo.

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Why is my laptop power button not working?

Actually mine is L430 series. since I cant find the device in dropdown list in choose device, then I choose L460.

Why is my laptop power button not working? After shutting down, I tried to turn on my laptop by pushing the power button and it does not turn on. Try to hold 5 seconds but still does not turn on. Then I tried unplugging the laptop, took out the battery and connected only the charger and it worked. Laptop is on. I tried to feel and push the power button, I can feel the button clicking but not responding. Is there any solution before I replace whole the keyboard?

many thanks

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Do I understand it correctly that it works fine if the battery is taken out and just the charger is plugged in?

I am not certain if the L430 has the reset button. If it does you will see a tiny hole that a paper clip will fit into on the bottom side. Generally it is in the centre of the edge opposite the battery, but may differ with different models.

Turn off laptop. Unplug the charger, take out the battery and press the power button down for about 30 seconds. Turn it over and locate the tiny hole, get a paperclip and push it into the hole against the internal button and hold for a few seconds. Turn it back over and press the power button briefly. If it turns on now you have a spare internal battery if not just plug in the power charger and see if it turns on and boots up. If yes then shut down and unplug the charger and replace the battery. Turn it on. Does it work now?

Here is a video showing the reset button:

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Yes you are correct. it works fine if the if the battery is taken out and just the charger is plugged in. and i cant find the reset button in my laptop L430. is there any another solution? thanks for your reply


Hi @Dimas Khalid Sesar

The battery may be defective.


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