Surface Book Battery 2 at 0% charge, swapping keyboards doesn't help

Recently my base-model Surface Book stopped recognizing the battery in the keyboard base - Battery 2 sits at 0% and won’t charge. I tried plugging the tablet into a different Surface Book keyboard base, and it does the same thing - the keyboard, touchpad, and USB ports all work, but the battery is reported as being at 0% charge, and the GPU in the second base isn’t recognized, either. The second battery is listed in the Device Manager (and the driver is reported as being up to date), but the GPU isn’t listed. Scanning for hardware changes didn’t help. Uninstalling the battery drivers didn’t work (and I can’t install an Nvidia driver because the installer software isn’t detecting the GPU hardware). A hard reboot didn't help, and neither did manually updating drivers and firmware. Does anybody know what’s going on?

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