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Repair and modification information for the Creality CR-10S Pro, a 3D printer from the CR-10 series released in 2019. This first version was succeeded by the CR-10S Pro V2.

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Nozle hits the bed

Hello, the nozzle keeps hitting the bed. What can I do?

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when mine did that i checked on you tube and watched videos on it. one thing is have you done an manual bet level? then adjust the screw on the auto bed level sensor. that would be the videos i would watch

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if the nozzle hits the bed then your z-axis offset is off. you want to go into the settings menu, and then to the bed level option. if while the auto-home part the nozzle hits the bed, you have to options:

A: lower the bed by tightening all of the bed-leveling gears under the bed

B: manually move the z-axis (red circle)

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