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A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Replaced screen. now MacBook is dead

I followed the fixit guide to the letter

I am an experienced Mac Repair person. But I don’t have the skills to understand circuit diagrams etc.

All I touched was the smc ribbon and pancake screw , disconnected antenna and display cable connector. Apart from 40 odd screws to take it it is straight forward

So why totally dead ? is there something I can try ( yes ive done smc reset etc. ) my charger tester/reader is showing 4.7 v. But 0 draw

Help. my customer was promised this back yesterday !

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Is there a possibility that you shorted out the board? Spontaneous power issues such as these are often due to a motherboard issue. Especially since you tested the power supply and also tried to SMC reset.

Remember, the littlest thing can cause a short and lead to a dead motherboard. You are going to have to use a process of elimination in order to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Check various locations on the motherboard where voltage may be present
  • Try booting the laptop without the battery connected
  • Check for any damaged traces on the motherboard
  • Check for continuity on different connections on the motherboard
  • Check for any damage to the power button

I know how important this must be to you especially since you have a customer waiting. So please get back to me when you get a chance so we can discuss this further or if you have any questions about the information I provided.

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