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The sixth-generation Volkswagen Jetta, known as the NCS (New Compact Sedan) during its development, was announced in the North American market in June 16, 2010.

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Power window on driver's side isn't operating properly after I replace

I recently replaced a non working power window motor on my 2014 Jetta SE. After the replacement the master switch would only operate the driver's side window. I've tried to no avail to find out if I installed the wrong type motor on the driver's side or if there's any difference at all between all of the doors power window motors. Also the switch that does control the driver's side window is operating in reverse (down is up and up moves the window down) Confused as heck right now and the window motor has stopped working at all now!!! Somebody please help me!!

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@geezey lets make the assumption that the window motor works as designed, there is not much that can go wrong with the wiring on the switch to the motor or to the switch. This appear to be a fault of the driver door control module. It is that module which control all actuators and is connected to a separate switch panel. Central Locking, Window Motors as well as some Mirror Adjustment are controlled by this ECU. Faults like up turning into down etc. seems to be an issue related to that. So check on that next.

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Sounds like you're spot on with your diagnostics because my doors also lock and unlock randomly as I drive and come to a stop. Where is the door control module located? I've tried to look up a replacement part online but it seems that I can't find one that's specific for my make and model.


Have you find the answer ? is this the part ? is called BODY Comfort Control Module?


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