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Repair and disassembly information for the 2020 refresh of the MacBook Air model A2179 with an Intel processor that was released in March 2020.

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Replace a MacBook model A2179 screen with a model A1932 screen

Is it possible to remove the screen off my Macbook model A1932 and put the screen on a Macbook model A2179 ?

If possible, can you also tell me what equipment I need to do this

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I believe these screens are interchangeable, yes (Just not the M1 Air, A2337). In fact the iFixit listing for this display shows as compatible for MacBook Air 2018-Early 2020 models.

I would take a look at this guide, it will have a list of all the tools you need.

MacBook Air 13" Early 2020 Display Replacement

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I’ve found these screens to be interchangeable.

The A2337 (M1) does not work with A2179 screens.


The LCD for A2179 is compatible with the 2019 version of the A1932. Unfortunately the 2018 LCD is not entirely compatible - the keyboard backlight doesn't work and sometimes the FaceTime camera won't work.


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The lcd is compatible

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