Xbox 360 E Winchester Motherboard Need resistance of R3D31 to R3D29

Block Image

1.First time my console showing red ring of death.When i press power button it turn on fan spin loud and then shut down.

2.Then seraching over internet i found that problem is overheating and you have to remove temp sensor resistors so i removed 1 resistor from the board i.e. R3D31 and it worked my console running fine

3.But aftrer few days it starts shutting down again so i removed all six resistors from the board.

4.But later i found that one capacitor is not working so i replaced that capacitor

5.Now my console is booting with red light and running continuously but no display.

I removed 6 resistors from the board picture attached.

Block Image

Now i think that i need to reattach these six resistors to the board i need value and type of these resistors.

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munish kumar post some good pictures of your motherboard pointing out which components you took off. Let's see what this all looks like Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


@oldturkey03 updated please help me


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