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Repair information and disassembly guides for waffle makers.

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All-Clad waffle iron suddenly stopped turning on

Waffle iron had been working fine, and one morning when we flipped switch to turn on, there was no power. Thinking it may be the switch. Anything else I should consider? Any ideas of how I would fix?

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You'll have to disassemble it and trace wiring from power cord to switch and heating element. Inline may be a thermal fuse protecting against overheating. It's a small aluminum cylindrical device with markings, inline with the hot wire from the switch. Using a digital multimeter, a resistance check should show continuity. When overheated, this thermal fuse opens to kill power to the heating element. Replacement rated thermal fuses from electronic distributors.

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The same thing just happened to my waffle iron. It worked great for a few months and then no heat. I took it apart and found the problem. Waring used a thermal fuse instead of a thermostat. The fuse is located between the waffle iron and the stainless cover. The issue I saw is that cooking oil (spray) gets in between the cover and griddle and soaks into the insulation covering the thermal fuse. The oil heats up inside there and shorts the fuse.

The hard part about this job is disassembly and reassembly. I had to take the entire iron apart just to get to the fuse. It took about an hour to take apart and an hour to reassemble. Changing the fuse took 5 minutes. Many things can go wrong with a waffle iron, Such one is Cleaning. Before cleaning your waffle maker, it is important to refer to the instruction manual and maintenance Notice. Never submerge your waffle iron in water and avoid any cords or electric prongs while cleaning. This can cause electrocution.

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Fuses ARE shorts. The oil may be overheating and causing the fuse to OPEN. Thermostats are not replacements for thermal fuses, they perform different functions. The fuses MUST be replaced with a like component.


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