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A series of in-the-field repair instructions for the avid adventurer.

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Crotch blow out in snow drifter bibs. Best way to tape.

Blew out crotch in Patagonia snowdrifter bibs. Sewn once, but didn’t work. What’s the best way to patch em up using fabric repair tape?

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I am not a seamster (seamstress?). I have a parka that I did not pay a lot for but I really like it. After about 20 years of use, I blew out a seam on it. I could’ve tossed it but they don’t make ‘em anymore and it’s still in otherwise pretty good shape. I took it to a local tailor shop and they did a very nice job of fixing it for a very reasonable price.

You have Patagonia snowdrifter bibs (which I looked up on line) worth about 350 bucks. Crotches are not easy to fix for the average person (don’t even ask how I know this!). I strongly recommend finding a local tailor to fix these right. You won’t regret not having tape in your crotch! Just my opinion. Good luck!

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