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1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache

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IFIXIT Replacement battery not charging

I recently ordered a replacement battery from Amazon since my original battery died. When I went to charge the battery after replacing it, it would show the light like its charging but the battery would say “Battery Is Not Charging”. I thought the after-market battery was bad so I returned that one and ordered a battery from IFIXIT but I am getting the same results. I have reset the SMC and still nothing.

Is it my charger? It shows a yellow light like its charging and the icon shows its charging, but nothing. See the screenshots showing its connected.

If it is not the battery, what is the issue?

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Update (12/30/2021)

See the screenshot below. For some reason I couldn’t get it with the comment response to Dan’s answer.

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Double check if you didn’t wait before you took the snapshot, as its reporting opposing info! The Power Adapter is Connected the batteries health appears to be OK, but the Full Charge Capacity is clearly not full! And the system is Discharging the battery were it should be Charging it!

Turn the system off and leave it under charge for the night (good 10 hours) and recheck things in the morning. Take a fresh snapshot and post it so we can see where things are.

Update (12/30/2021)

@daace - Check the MagSafe cable and the connection. Does the cord look like these?

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If they do you need a new MagSafe charger Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air Don’t go cheap! The knockoff chargers can damage your system and some have stated fires!

Inspect the MagSafe contacts! Are they discolored or burn’t? You may need a new MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2012) I/O Board

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Is the grey insulator area dirty?

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Use some 90% or better isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab (Q-Tip) to clean the area and use a fresh pink pencil eraser to polish the contacts.

Imagem de MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2012) I/O Board


MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2012) I/O Board


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This worked for me! Woke up with 100% battery charged and it seems to be charging now based on the battery report. Thank you so much!


Bad news. I let the battery die this morning in order to optimize the charge, but now the battery sporadically charges. It will charge for a second, then it will shut off, then charge again.

Do you think this is a problem with the charger or the port? would it be worth replacing those? or is this a problem with the logic board? I would buy a new laptop before I replace the logic board...


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