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Released in 2014, the ROG Gladius is a gaming mouse with a customizable DPI up to 6400. It is made for right-handed folks with two thumb buttons on the left side and a right-handed contoured shape.

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thumb button on mouse suddenly not working?

I’ve been using this mouse for a while now (around a year) and randomly, the one of the side thumb buttons stopped responding.
Every other button works except button 4- the one on the right when looking at the mouse from the side. I’m not sure how to fix this honestly, and I’ve had the issue before with the same model of the middle mouse button and scroll not working- this is the replacement I bought.

I don’t have the ASUS Armoury so fixes through there are inaccessible to me, and all the drivers for the mouse are up to date so I don’t know if its a software or hardware issue.

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Here’s how to replace the switches:

Take photos of each stage as you tear the mouse down. Give your self lots of time and don’t rush. Take frequent breaks if you start getting stressed. If you relax it is fun fixing things.

Where to get the switches? I don’t know but the switches will have their part numbers on them. Do a search. One of the suppliers in China will probably have them.

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