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Repair documentation for the Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Model number: CFI-ZCT1W FCC ID: AK8CFIZCT1

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PS5 Controller displaying orange with white light

Dear All,

Thanks for taking your time to go through this post.

I recently purchased a PS5 controller to use it with my Mac, iPhone, iPad devices. I do not have a PS5 Console. I was wondering how to charge the PS5 controller. I connected the controller via USB-C cable to Mac and I could see that there is orange - white light that is being seen in the controller. However, even after successfully connecting the device with iPhone, the controller is showing the same light. It is not blinking but constant orange-white light as shown below.

This controller is just 3 days old. Is there any issue with the controller or is the normal behaviour. Also please recommend how to charge the controller. Can I user a power bank (6V/2.1A) to charge using USB-A to USB-C cable?

Your valuable inputs will be of great help to me as I am a starter.

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i have this problem and nothing seems to work. any other suggestions to fix this problem?


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i had the same problem .

you need to press the PS button with the left d-pad button at the same time .

i think the problem has something to do with a controller update .

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Ali, You da freakin' man!!! I watched so many useless videos, you were the ONLY person that had it right, would only light up orange for 3 seconds then off when plugging in, but no buttons responsive, like it was dead and just wouldn't take a charge. Was about to tear it apart, then saw your comment, as soon as I held d-pad and PS button at same time BOOM brought up software update that never showed before plugged into PS5 or not. Saved me a lot of wasted time!


I'm having the same problem, I can't charge my ps5 controller from Mac. I only thee orange and white lights exactly mentioned as above. I updated my controller via a software in windows, but I still can't charge my controller from Mac. I tried the method you guys mentioned, but it doesn't do anything the controller just shuts off, any tips ?


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If this is a new controller, it must be charged for at least 8 hours without touching it. The PS5 controller orange light is normal when your PS5 controller is charging, and since it’s new and needs many hours of constant charging, this issue is normal, so don’t worry.

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When connected to any apple device, the light will be orange with a single white light on the bottom. This is completely normal, and means it’s working well. Orange is the default color for apple devices, but the light depends on which player you are on the PS5

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