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The Asus X551CA is a 396.2 mm laptop computer with convenient features for everyday use.

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ASUS X551CA-SX030H memory RAM upgrade


Do you know if this particular model has slot to install additional memory?
In specification is information that is possible up to 12GB.

I found some motherboard from Aliexpress, and with the same processor has additional slot but not sure if original Asus was built in

Thank you for info

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I am not sure if your motherboard has a slot for you to install RAM. It seems to vary from computer to computer within this family and I cannot seem to get information on this specific computer. The only way we could find out if your computer has a RAM slot is for you to disassemble the computer, take out the motherboard, and take a picture of both sides.

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any chane to check out in some service manuals please? I have to buy memory and dont want return and open witbout reason. This is for mother in law so has to be done correct way :)


@Piotr Krupicki See my updated answer.


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