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Nikon's D3200 DSLR has 24.2 megapixels. This model is geared towards casual photography enthusiasts with advanced specifications and performance.

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What is this triangular plastic bit from my Nikon D3200 body?

A Nikon D3200 stopped autofocusing. Going in the clean the AF sensor (yes, that was the issue, we tested several different lenses on different bodies) we found this odd thing sticking up from the bottom.

Block Image

Additionally, there is at least one more.

Block Image

here’s a separate camera that shows this isn’t there:

Block Image

checked across 3 cameras, the weird one is the only one with any of this going on.

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These are iris blades to cover the auto focus/metering detector from dust. When your reflex mirror is in the down position a second mirror unfolds just underneath to aim the light down to this sensor.

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