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The Motorola Moto X4 is the 4th generation phone in the Moto lineup. It features a 5.2" screen and is IP68 rated. Model number XT1900-7, XT1900-5, and XT1900-1

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Tips to replace the rear camera glass lens cover

Anyone has any tips on how to replace the rear camera lens cover for the Moto X4. Thx.

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safety glasses is a must. the last thing you need is a tiny glass shard in your eye….. ask me how i know lol!

if you have a heat gun that will help to loosen up the adhesive. if not then try using either a metal or plastic spudger to kinda work the glass out. its going to be a lengthy\tedious process.

you may also want to wear some kind of nitrile or thinner work gloves for the same reason as the safety glasses.

once you’ve got the glass taken out.

get some rubbing alcohol and use that to clean all the old adhesive off and make sure its spic and span clean!

hope this helps! good luck

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