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Bernz-o-matic Butane Torch has stopped working

Small Bernz-o-matic butane torch has stopped working.

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@jh61243 what does or does it not do? You filled the butane;-)?


Good Morning Mr. old turkey, Thanks for your reply. The torch is at least 10 years old, has been refilled many times. It is an older model, no longer available from Bernz-o-Matic, small, pencil shape, 4 or 5 attachments, lives in my traveling toolkit, ideal for repairing broken solder joints on brass instruments, generating a tiny flame for seating woodwind instrument pads, that kind of stuff. It no longer functions. I cannot find a new torch so ideally suited for my activities, so resurrecting this one is my preference. I can unscrew and remove the filler assembly, but cannot disassemble the business end. Have you any suggestions? Regards, jh61243.


@jh61243 I wonder if you can hear the gas hissing and if it just does not fire. Would you mind in posting a few pictures of what it looks like? It might give us a better idea. Adding images to an existing question

I wonder if the issue is the igniter or the gas valve.....

Can you remove the front tools/tips and light it with an external source (lighter, matches etc.?)


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I have this as well and mine was spark related. I took tip apart and cleaned everything including the wire. I put it back together like 8 times to get position right but it works again.

Can you send pictures of tip and back? Is it filling right? Even if if no flame is fas coming out?

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