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powerlogd stuck consuming high cpu

For some reason, powerlogd is eating up a lot of cpu for no reason. Like it gets up to 80 and stays there for no reason. I got my battery serviced recently so it might be that but I just want to see if there is a fix for this. I have tried resetting the smc and the pram to no avail. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

Update : Clean install fixed things

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I believe Powerlogd is part of a third party application, starting to sound like you have a running hard process/memory leak issue.

At this point I would backup my important stuff and wipe the drive fully and then rebuild things, slowly re-installing from good sources the OS and basic apps unless you know what Powerlogd is part of then remove that application.

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I just checked and it appears powerlogd appears to be part of Mac OS because it shows up in system folders. This issue started because I forgot to shut down the computer before unplugging the battery. However, a clean install seemed to fix things.


@jimmysofat6864 - FYI: What is PowerLog?

Sorry its an adware extension! As I had suspected its not part of the OS. Sounds like you need to invest in a good anti-virus/malware program to keep this junk at bay!


@danj it’s odd you mentioned that because when I upgraded to Catalina that process went away and then PerfPowerServices became the one that had high CPU problems after waking from sleep. I ran a Malwarebytes scan and a etrecheck report and they both came back clean. I didn’t even have any adware problems either or fake redirects as I would have noticed that.


@jimmysofat6864 - did you get the paid version of Malwarebytes as that would have caught it! Intego would have as well.


@danj Well the free one should have detected it as well because they both use the same engine. The paid one only does scheduled scans and other things. Looking around people say powerlog is a virus but powerlogd is normal.


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Try to reset smc.

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Unfortunately I already tried that and it didn't help.


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