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The Razer Phone is the first generation phone by Razer released in November 2017.

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Bluetooth connects but no sound and videos freeze


Recently my Razer phone bluetooth stoped working, things i noticed is that when i connect my phone to a speaker or headphones there is no sound and if i try to play a video it’s really slow, nearly frozen, happens if im connected to wifi, mobile data and even with offline videos, occasionaly it works if i turn it off and on quite a few times in a row, no updates were made to the phone since it’s old, unsure what the problem is.

Steps i already taken:

  • Hard reset
  • clear bluetooth cache and data
  • factory reset
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Sometimes the wire that's just a snap on to board pops off. But it's weird it slows down unless it's trying to connect so hard it's draining power to fast.

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