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Controller not charging from usb cable

First, I gotta say that I ran into this problem after using the controller for about 20 hours in a period of 2~3 months. I have used it wired to my usb 2.0 port (I have also tried usb 3.0) on my computer at the time, I don’t have bluetooth, and it simply died one day.

The controller works when connected and is detected by my pc with no problems. However, it DOESN’T GET CHARGED by the usb cable. I checked different usb cables and even bought and swapped the charging port, but had no success charging it.

The battery still works and is the reason why the controller is still useable, because it doesn’t draw its power from the usb cable for some reason. It REQUIRES the charged battery to work WHILE WIRED. The thing is, I have to remove the battery from the controller and charge it by connecting the positive and negative wires from a usb cable directly to the battery and plug it to USB wall charger with the correct voltage and amps. After waiting for it to charge fully I can connect it back to the controller and use it.

Is there a way to fix this? I’ve searched for a similar problem on the internet, but it’s never quite the same as this one.

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you will need to buy a new USB port for the controller. these are cheap. Also some electrical soldering flux and a soldering pen or a torch and a small nail. It is not a hard fix just annoying.

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Just a thought @trevn does it charge if connected to the ps4? Or to any other source?

Also verify the replacement cables are full cables as ut requires a data handshake to charge right. It also could be your PC USB ports they only send out on average 5v 500ma. If you get a USB hub that also plugs into a wall wort for additional power this can fet around this as they than charge 1A-2A instead of 0.5A. As for your PC not having bluetooth check the link below.

Bluetooth Adapter for PC, Maxuni USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle for Computer Desktop Wireless Transfer for Laptop Bluetooth Headphones Headset Speakers Keyboard Mouse Printer Windows 10/8.1/8/7

This should work with any bluetooth device. The DS4 is a bluetooth 3.5 or 4.0 device. So this 5.0 will do well. Just try to use on a front/top port away from the power supply of the PC as rarely but seen it happen get EMI from it and work flaky.


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As stated by @stressmaster, it seems the USB port or cable is broken. However, there is no need for any soldering, as it is possible to just buy the entire USB board with cable. Lot easier than replacing the USB port itself.

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