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How to fix trackpad

I know trackpads on this kind of macbook pro are known for geting stuck BUT,

How do i fix mine???


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I would stat off by taking it out so you can properly clean the trackpads case edge and the trackpad as well.

Update (02/07/2022)

@beanman56 - Make sure the click switch is not damaged, you should be able to press on it to get it to click. I use a small coin placed on top so the pressure is even.

Block Image

If that works then after you’ve put it back in you should only need to adjust the setscrew

Block Image

The resting tangs should be on a small piece of felt (dark area inter it) give it a 1/4 turn clockwise at a time to raise it up so it engages sooner. Do be careful as its a bear to get rethreaded if you go to far.

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@danj I have cleaned it NOW its down doesn't click or come up


@danj - I tryed what you said in the update, nothing!

I think i need the top case then


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