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Um console de videogame para TV produzido pela Sony Computer Entertainment; o PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 Series) é o modelo sucessor do PS4 original. Data de anúncio: 7 de setembro de 2016.

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How to fix Unrecognised Disc (not tapping cover)

Hi all of you,

I still have a problem with Unrecognised Disc drive in Ps4 Slim.

OK, tapping cover helping in this issue, (now I am using my ps4 Vertically to read the disc and after that I put console in normal position and it works perfect)

What cousing the problem? Is a dirt/dust or magnet to catch and put disc in right position ?

OK, I can put my console vertically permanently but I think it's not a long term fix.

Console has got stickers and haven't been disassembled but haven't got warranty (2 years old) (only high cover was removed for cleaning vent from dust)

Is it a easy problem to remove? Give me advice :)

Thanks for your reply and propositions!

Matt :)

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I have encountered a similar issue with a PS3 before. I opened it up, stuck a thick piece of tape on top of the disk drive(metal cover) to put more pressure on it, and closed it up again. This seemed to work perfectly.

You could give it a try. Make sure you stick it on top of any metal cover it might have, and not directly on the magnet as it will keep it from spinning at all.

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