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The HERO6 Black was introduced on September 28, 2017.

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Why is my GoPro Hero 6 not charging or turning on?

The charging light doesn’t turn on when I plug it into the charger. The camera doesn’t turn on. My computer doesn’t recognize the camera when I connect it.

The charger, cable and battery work. I tested them with another camera.

I want to know what could I do to test components in the motherboard or power intake to diagnose the problem. Or what could be the problem? Thanks

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Nothing is going to be easy to fix on this camera. To start with, u must get it apart then reassemble so that the water proof integrity is maintained. The easiest solution it a bad or broken connection on the USB connector. After that it is all surface mount components which is pretty much impossible to troubleshoot without special test fixtures. Replacing the complete PCB MIGHT fix it, then again maybe not. The fix may cost more than a new camera.

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Honestly it could be a mother board problem


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Honestly it’s most likely the mother board

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