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Other than the Tahoe Limited Edition, the vehicle was redesigned for the 2000 model year on the new GMT800 platform, still shared with the full-sized pickups and SUV's.

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Crank But No Start

I changed the fuel pump, the battery & all my fuses and relays are good but it cranks and won’t start.

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Jamani what engine size? Do you have spark on your plugs? Checked the crank and camshaft censors? What else did you check?


It’s a 2005 GMC Yukon 2WD 8 Cylinders T 5.3L MFI OHV 323 CID. Im not sure I’ll have to check with my brother he said it started for 10 seconds then shut off again. He changed camshaft sensors I’m not sure about the crank sensor. @oldturkey03


I have 2004 Yukon 5.3 same issue more or less I don't have a fuel filter in the tank or on the frame. Still trying to figure out why it won't start


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Whenever you open a pressurized fuel system you must purge line by turning ignition key to the on position for 10 secs +/- (you should hear pump kick on and stop). Then turn key back to the off position for another 10secs and then try to start. If air is present in line the pump won't pick up fuel. If that's the case crack open fuel line at the filter by turning nut on metal fuel line closest to the engine. The fuel filter is located underneath along frame rail. With the system open, turn on key until fuel has a steady flow then tighten nut while fuel is flowing . Similar to how you would bleed brakes.

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Ok appreciate it


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