MS Pro 5 liquid spill on power Connect

I splashed liquid (gin & tonic with lime) on to edge of surface where Power Connect was connected. In rush to clear away liquid I did not notice when neon in male connector went off. I disconnected male connector as soon as I noticed. I left it for some time (24+ hours) to make sure that liquid had dried.

I can’t recall whether I ever got a power on before the battery had flattened.

I looked at the male connector to find it appeared to have melted the plastic between the contacts on the plug slightly. I tried cleaning the male and female components as well as I could. I tried another power plug from my MS Pro 4 but no neon.

Do I persist with trying to replace the MS Pro 5 Connect charging port or am I “flogging a dead horse”

The only reason that I am trying is because I thought it was a very minor spill. Although enough to melt one part of the tiny male connector.

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