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superdrive USB not work


I used TheNatural 2020 kit to replace the superdrive USB unit with a secondary SSD. I then placed the superdrive unit in the external superdrive enclosure which is part of the kit.

When I connect the Superdrive to the USB port, the drive does not turn on and does not accept CDs. What can I do to have it working?

My Mac is early 2011 with High Sierra OS.


Update (10/27/2021)

Hi Dan! The product is the kit for MacBook Pro.

Concerning the other hint, I cannot see anything connected to the USB port. I uploaded a screenshot of my system configuration.

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@derfaust - Can you supply a link to the product so we can review it.

Did you check your systems USB ports to make sure they are working?


@derfaust - Can you plug in a USB Thumb driver or other USB device in? Does it work?

Did you contact the seller (TheNatural 2020) if other USB devices are working as you may have a bad unit.


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I would try different USB ports, and/or a different computer. If either of those work, then you know it’s NOT the adapter. Also, when was the last time you used the driver internally? If it hasn’t been used in a long time, you may not even have known it was broken in the first place.

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