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High end Ivy Bridge consumer desktop released by Dell in 2013. Comes in White and Black or Black case options.

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Can't reboot after install display card driver

HELP, I have a Dell XPS 8500 circa 2013. The screen (Dell E2213 monitor) turned weird today with fuzzy and flashing images. I thought it was the display card problem, so I deleted the Nvidia GoForce GT 640 from the Device Manager in Safe Mode, then restarted the computer and clicked Update to refresh the driver, but it didn’t help and actually made the thing even worse - the screen turned so light I can hardly see anything. Then I used Dell’s SupportAssist to diagnose the machine and within such support software I downloaded and installed the driver for the Nvidia display adapter, then the machine is totally dead - I can’t even reboot it. Do you know what I should do to revive the computer? Thanks a million. Michael

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Hi @michael500 ,

Since you say that the desktop is “….totally dead”. here’s a link that hopefully may help to test the PSU to make sure that it is OK

If the PSU seems OK get back to having a barebones PC i.e. PSU, motherboard+ram, keyboard and monitor (connect monitor to motherboard's video port) - disconnect or remove major hardware components e.g. GPU card, HDD, ODD etc and check if it turns on. You can leave any cables connected from the motherboard to the Power button module or front I/O ports etc. Basically you are disconnecting the hardware that draws the most power from the PSU as soon as the system is started.

If it turns on check if you can get in BIOS with a display (press F2 very soon after it powers up).

If still no good then try resetting the BIOS in case it is corrupted somehow.

Disconnect the power from the desktop and then remove the coin cell battery from the motherboard (remember the orientation of the battery - usually it is +ve on top as marked on the battery). See p.107 of the owner manual

Press and hold the desktop’s Power on button for a full 30 seconds and then release it. This will reset the BIOS back to its factory default setting.

Reinsert the coin cell battery - remember the orientation.

Reconnect the power to the PSU and try turning it on.

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If he has the model with the 3350P like what my old one was it doesn’t have an iGPU. So at this point I would try to find an extremely cheap GPU and test it out.


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