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Can I add additional SSD alongside the default 1tb HDD

Can I add additional SSD alongside the default 1tb HDD in my CORE i5 8th Gen Lenovo Ideapad 130. the laptop is very slow. I have attached a photo of the inside view. someone kindly go through the image and advice me if it supports adn additional ssd if yes, where ?

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Download Service Manual:

If your model has a DVD/ODD drive you can replace it with a drive caddy. Even if there is no Optical Disk Drive there may still be an internal SATA connector. You will have to open it up and take a look.

Lenovo ideapad 130-14IKB disassembly & assemble:

That is the ODD on bottom right in the video at 1:30 on time line.

Look on the web for them or ask at your local computer shop, if you have one. The size is important so the SSD or HDD will fit into the caddy. They are generally 7.0mm or 9.0mm. Page 27 of the manual shows yours as 9.0mm

See page 32 in service manual.

The SSD drive would be best for the Operating system, such as Windows 10, for faster booting. Remember to change your default boot drive in the BIOS/UEFI after the upgrade.

Look at the manual and the video and see if you have any questions.

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hey mike.

thanks a lot mate for taking time and answering my question.

i have a dummy optical drive. will get one caddy and sata ssd and replace it. thanks a lot again


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