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Manufactured by Google. Released October 2018 and is a 2-in-1 detachable laptop tablet. Model number: GA00347-US

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Google slate Battery replacement

Hello all, is anyone able to advise whether the battery can be replaced. I have been offered a Google slate which only works when plugged in.

Many thanks

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I just replaced mine and may have bricked it in the process. The batteries are glued in and require a heat gun to remove. It's not something I would recommend doing at this point.


I disagree with batteries being glued in place. However, double sided tape is used everywhere if not double sided thin foam tape. Gently prying up slowly with plastic tools made to reduce electrical damage and scratching, the batteries should come away to reveal the tape(s). Usually, most guides on disassembly to remove and replace rechargeable batteries give hints on where to pry and can be adapted to most factory installed batteries. Whether YouTube or steps including snapshots, there are plenty of diy procedures to have a feel of what to expect if tackling battery replacement.


EU Parliament has voted to ban the need for special tools to access batteries:


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Those adhesive under the battery is really strong. Do it in a well ventilated area. I was able to turn the unit back on after replacing the battery!

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Where did you get the new battery from? Would you have battery part number?

Any guide to follow?


FYIOGXG Cameron Sino Battery for Google Slate

You should be able to find it on Amazon.


Did you use the motherboard replacement guide to replace the battery? or a video on youtube...

thank you


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How do you reconnect the display ribbon cables?

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