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The Lenovo Miix 520-IKB is a 12.2-inch two-in-one tablet computer produced by Lenovo, a Chinese technology company.

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There is so much noise in processor fan


Seems there is some issue with Processor fan. There was so much noise all of the sudden from processor fan. And then it got stopped now. But the Tablet gets over heated at the back.

Please suggest some option to fix it.

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You will need to get a new replacement fan similar to (FRU)5F10P92392. I have found one here.

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Your problem seems related to the hardware of the device. Try to get your processor fans repaired or get them replaced if necessary. Make sure that you are getting these things done only through an authorised service centre of the device.

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Hi Frederick,

IFIXIT is the name not take to "authorised service centre." I'm sure you mean to be helpful but surely everyone already knows they can take things to service centres. IFIXIT is about people being able to fix things themselves, with a little help.


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