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Repair documentation for the initial Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Model number: CFI-ZCT1W FCC ID: AK8CFIZCT1

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Can the stick drift be solved?

This is the second controller i got stick drift on my left analog, is there a solution to this or do i have to replace it and buy another one? It’s kinda frustrating they won’t last 5 months without an issue.

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The best way to prevent stick drift is to keep your controller clean. Even if it means putting it into a case every time you are done with it. Also treating the controller like it’s “glass” helps too. Don’t drop it, kick it throw it, leave it upside down with pressure on the joysticks… Etc…

If you live in a dusty state, get some compressed air and spray it out .

The pentameter is what controlled your movement axis and when it gets dirt on it it will think that’s the way to go causing drift.

I dunno I’ve never had a joystick drift on me personally. But I’ve successfully repaired over 500 for drift.

Good luck, keeep em clean!

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i agree a 100%


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You can open it to “fix” it, but you cannot “solve” it.

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this means I'll have to tear it down and clean it everytime, right?


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This problem can be fixed in many ways. The methods I use involve the controller being fully disassembled and having the analog sticks exposed.

The first fix can be as simple as cleaning the analog sticks with either alcohol or some kind of electronic contact cleaner. The second option is to pry out the potentiometer that is causing the stick drift (each analog stick has two, one for up and down and the other for left and right) and clean it with a lint-free swab and some kind of cleaner, or replace the wiper if it is ever damaged. If the carbon tracks on the inside of the potentiometer is damaged, you'll need to replace them by buying replacements online, either the wipers or potentiometers alone or the entire stick module, which is what I recommend. You can buy official replacements on a site known as Mouser Electronics and search up ALPS RKJXV if the stick modules are green or C&K THB001P if the sticks are orange and black for a couple bucks each. You can look up tutorials online, but in order to do this repair, where you need to replace the potentiometers, you'll need soldering gear such as an iron, solder, flux, and a tool to remove the solder and component in order to replace the sensors. Even though I've only done this fix for DualShock 4 controllers, it should be the exact same for the Dualsense controllers since they use the same stick models. I hope this helps!

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I put my controller back together but now I have a up/down issue along with my left/right one, should I just get a new controller or would I have to replace parts?


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