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High end Ivy Bridge consumer desktop released by Dell in 2013. Comes in White and Black or Black case options.

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Dell XPS 8500 Fans turn On and Off Continuously initial power up

My XPS 8500, Windows 10 will not power up. When I press the power button all the fans and front light will come on for 2 seconds then off for 2 second and won’t startup. This continues until I hold the power button down or unplug. I have had this problem periodically in the past and I would remove the Memory cards and reseat them and it would then power up fine. This time it won’t. I have unplugged and removed the battery for a while, also replaced battery…no help. I have tried new Memory cards…no help. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to get it powered up?

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I suggest this solution because of what worked for you in the past and the fact that other memory gave the same results.

Is the motherboard well supported under where the memory cards plug in?  I had a case recently where the motherboard traces were slightly cracked and so didn't recognise the RAM properly. I removed the side panel that faces the underside of the mainboard and packed some non-conductive material gently underneath the RAM slots and the system booted up. You may have to experiment with how you put the panel back on while still maintaining the gentle pressure. Not a permanent solution but should last until you upgrade the motherboard in the future.

Then on the other hand it could be something else. Good luck.

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